How we assisted Truckin to revolutionize
the freight industry.

Truckin, a platform that provides a job search engine for drivers, and a marketplace where load transportation requests, proposals and agreements can be made, needed a “first version” of their product that they can demo to their investors. They turned to us to make that happen.
Functional development and site-building, QA
Product MVP


We built a 2-sided marketplace MVP in 1
month, that the client can demo to their

Managing a large, heterogeneous developer team
As some of the team members were new to each other, it was important to reveal the competencies of each member early on to achieve the most effective role distribution. Daily standups, continuous synchronization on slack, and constant communication with the client were part of our toolset to make communication the most effective.
Adapting the frontend build to the old backend system
As our main task was frontend development, the site-building had to be adjusted to a backend system provided by the client. We spent dedicated time to map out the backend system, asked the client’s backend developer to work in our office so we can build active communication and effective development workflow.
Working to meet a short deadline
1 month. That’s what we had to develop a product MVP. We distributed the tasks in a way that we could work on them simultaneously as much as possible. To save more time, we separated functional development and site-building within the team – this also ensured a unified and cleaner CSS.
The expertise of Digital Natives and Chain.reaction were key in our efforts to deliver the alpha version of Truckin in time. Our collaboration led us to hold a successful demo to our investors.
Bela Dobos, CEO of Truckin
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